Monday, September 26, 2016

September Beauty Box 5

I already have fallen in love with Beauty Box 5.  What's great about this month's box, is that I paid $12.00 and inside it had 3 full size products, with one being a bonus product, Marsk eyeshadow, valued at $22.50 online.  The other 2 full size products were Smooth Criminal HD Finishing Powder, valued at $7.00, by Be A Bombshell and Happy Hair Turban, valued at $18.00, by Happy Brands. The total value of all the full size products = $47.50!!!
That's a savings of $47.50-$12.00=$35.50!!! Can't Beat That!!
I'm hoping that this becomes the norm with this subscription box making it well worth the money to keep subscribing to it.  The only downside to this month's box was the Simple cleansing facial wipes. I had a bad reaction to them.  It sucked because I had heard great reviews for them.  My skin is just really sensitive and they did't work for me although they may work well for other people.  You just have to try them out.  That's what so great about these boxes.  Once you find something you love then you can go out, purchase it retail, and keep using it.

Disclosure: The products listed above were purchased and all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. I did not receive compensation for this post.


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