Thursday, October 13, 2016


So, I just wanted to post a quick update.  I'm so excited because this week I have finally been able to post a few videos to my YouTube Channel and I am also linking them here so you guys can watch if you want..Please check them out and subscribe..I will have more out soon!!! Also, I have a lot to catch up on here..I've got new box reviews, a trip to the paranormal expo, and more!!! I've had a cold last week, tests at school, blah blah blah...I know excuses, happens right? ;P .....but I promise I will have that stuff out for you guys by this weekend..probably by late Saturday and Sunday at the latest..I'm also going to try to get Danny to take me to a haunted house and shoot some video if they will let us..So, please come back and check out all the new stuff..I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading my blog..Bye!!!


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