Sunday, November 6, 2016

How to Get Free Stuff from

Sample Tuesday is not that far away and for all of you that are wondering what I'm talking about keep reading!! Everyone likes getting free products and with PinchMe.Com you can get them absolutely free!! That means no credit card information is taken, you don't pay for shipping, it's all free.  The only cost is a little bit of your time to fill out quick survey questions so they can match the product samples to you and your household and then they ask for a review, which is done by logging on their website, on what they sent you. Easy peasy :)

So far, I have received two boxes and my husband has received one.  That's another plus to PinchMe.Com. More than one person in your household can sign up for free samples.  Their policy is just the same for them, to make sure you go back online and leave honest reviews in order to continue to receive more samples.  They have started a new rating system for their reviews, which I guess is ok.  I'm sure they are using it to weed out the people who aren't doing their reviews like they are supposed too.  They also send coupons for the products they send.  I like coupons and with everyone trying to save money these days, using coupons can go a long way in in saving money and staying on budget.

I did recently get my mom to sign up and had her fill out her surveys.  I'm curious to see if they send her different products that what we have been receiving.  The only downsides to PinchMe.Com that I have found so far (yes, I know I'm putting negatives in here but I promise honest reviews) are that last month when I logged in on Sample Tuesday, it said that I didn't qualify for samples this time and my product reviews weren't all filled out because I was still waiting on my box to come in the mail from last month.  It takes sooooo long sometimes.  So I don't know if that was the reason I didn't qualify or if my profile really didn't match any products for October.  Looking on facebook and other social media, I found that a lot of other people didn't match their samples for October either.  So I am hoping that this month is better and that we can receive samples again.

I will be doing an in depth video soon on PinchMe.Com, a walk through of their website, and also how to receive other free products and samples from other companies.  This is really so easy that anyone can do this and it helps you save a few bucks!!! If you are interested, you can visit their website at the link above or if you want please use my referral link :

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and enjoy the extra hour this weekend!!! 

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by and I do not receive compensation for use of my referral link.  All products, samples, and coupons in the photos were sent to me free for use and review.


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