Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

Tonight is New Year's Eve and I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has visited my site, read my blog, and watched my videos!! Thank you guys so much.  I have so much fun doing this. I hope that everyone has a great time tonight ringing in the New Year!!!

Also, I wanted to take the time to let you guys know what has been going on with this blog, where I have been over the past two weeks, and what the future holds for this site:

Why have I changed to mostly posting videos from YouTube?

I have really had fun making the videos and if you are like me, I like watching videos rather than reading a long drawn out post and just looking at pictures.  Also, I'm hoping that by posting my videos here, it helps my channel grow and gain exposure.  I like making and editing the videos more than doing a regular blog post.

Where have I been?

After doing a trial run of my elf face painting video and working on that I got the flu.  I was sick by that night.  I tried to continue making vlogmas videos, but I was just too sick and then my computer decided it didn't want me to edit videos anymore and crash.  Also, I got a notice from my college that I have too many credit hours for aid so I am in the process of dealing with that mess and I was totally depressed for a few days and didn't feel like doing anything. I'm better now. :)

Where is this site going in 2017?

I am going to continue to post my videos here and do some regular blogging on products and I will probably start doing more makeup reviews, unboxing videos, makeup videos, face painting, and also some more travel videos, workout videos (weight loss) and blogs.  I will try to increase the content as much as I can without hurting my college classes.

Thank goodness Danny got me a new computer!!! It's going to be great and I have so many plans for this next year.  I'm working on transferring files and setting my new computer up.  I'm changing from PC to a Mac.  I absolutely love it so far!! My other computer is so slow that it is taking a really long time to get everything I need transferred.  I am also in the process of editing my elf video that I made.  I was going to redo the video, but since I was sick with the flu, I just couldn't get it done before Christmas.

So next week, I will have my elf face painting video uploaded by Monday Jan. 2, 2017, at the latest and then things can get back to normal. I have missed blogging and making videos!!! Sorry I am rambling but I just wanted everyone to know that I have not disappeared!

I am looking forward to a bright 2017!!! Have fun guys and be safe tonight!! See ya!


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